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San Ramon, California’s Leading Fitness Expert Puts the “Personal” Back into Personal Training

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When looking for fitness help, there are many things to consider, but perhaps the most important is to choose the San Ramon trainer that has been referred by more people and has continually delivered the best results.

Hi, I’m Mark Rogers, and I can relate to your situation because, in some ways, I have been there.  Trying to talk with trainers that have never had another career or who have always been fit and athletic is challenging because they don't understand your situation.  Recently, I was named one of the best Tri-Valley personal trainers, and that is something I am extremely proud of.  I had to put in much effort in order to learn and actually implement the many things that helps one get fit and still balance it with a real life

My fitness journey started at the age of thirteen, when I decided I was tired of being small and weak.  Of course, those days were awkward to begin with, so always being small only compounded my problems. Searching for a way to gain muscle and get stronger, I tried everything you can imagine, and much of it failed.  This was very frustrating, particularly because I loved sports and wanted to play and be a good athlete.

The reason why I am relating my story now is so that you can see how I completely understand how difficult it is to go through life being unfit with a poor body image.  I also know the many obstacles there are in making the changes necessary to become healthy and fit.  However, there was one thing that helped me get on the right path-guidance from experts in fitness and nutrition.

I discovered that spending money on useless supplements or hours and hours at a gym was not the answer to my problems.  The extreme and lengthy workouts I followed did nothing for me and it wasn’t until I learned the secret to true fitness that I really began to see a difference.  That secret is doing short but effective workouts using a select number of key exercises performed with correct form.  Coupling this with truly healthy eating really seals the deal.

Over time, as I gained more knowledge, I could literally see my body transforming, my small weak body was being replaced by a new, leaner fitter body.  It took only months to find out how great it was to have more energy and a solid physique.

All of the lessons I have learned over the last many years are being put to very good use as I am helping hundreds of clients in San Ramon, California achieve their most challenging fitness goals.  I realize that my experiences make it easier for me to connect with them, and that is a huge part of why my program is successful.

While losing weight and other related goals are important, personal training is not just about losing weight.  It should be about improving the quality of your entire life.  And it is definitely not something that comes and goes.  I am a firm believer that these positive changes must be made permanent.  Giving you the knowledge, instruction, and all of the tools is a way for me to give back with a complete exercise program and customized nutrition plan that are designed specifically for you and your body.

No matter what you have tried before, or how many things have not worked in the past, you owe it to yourself to finally have what you have always wanted.  Trust me, your health is too important to give up on, you can lose the weight, get fit and live a healthy lifestyle.  To make it easier for you to get started, I have the area’s most solid guarantee that is backed by all of the successes that my clients have enjoyed.  It begins with a free consultation.

Due to the incredible success of the program, Results Personal Training is only available on a limited basis in San Ramon, California, so contact Mark now at (925) 931-1120 to make sure that you reserve a free consultation and avoid being placed on the waiting list.

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