Protein Quality - Meats - Red Meat...It's Good for You

I want to start with protein, primarily because this is where many people are woefully inadequate in their consumption. There is also much confusion and misinformation about proteins that is propagated through the media and other organizations with hidden bias. The first thing you have to understand is "meat, fat, cholesterol and eggs don't cause heart disease". This is something that has been beaten and ingrained into peoples heads over the last half-century. You need fats, proteins and cholesterol for your body to function properly and be fit. Anyone that tells you otherwise does not understand the role these substances play in your body. The problem isn't these foods, it's in the quality of these foods that people buy and how they are prepared that's more of a problem. If you buy the cheapest meat you can find, eat packaged lunch meat, canned meat and other heavily preserved meat products you will have problems. When buying meat you should look for hormone free, free range meats. The reason is that these animals have been fed and allowed to eat what they would naturally eat. For example, cattle were meant to eat grass, not corn. When they eat grass the fat make up of their bodies is different and they contain more beneficial fats. This minus the hormones that the mass market cattle are fed to fatten them up unnaturally in a shorter time period and you have a healthy animal and thus healthy meat for you to eat. The problem with hormones is that they get in the meat and then they get in your body and cause problems. It's always better to by fresh over frozen meat or anything that's already pre-made into something for convenient microwave preparation.

Then you have to look at how you prepare the meats. Don't overcook them and definitely don't cook them in the microwave. Microwaves may be convenient but they destroy the food, make it taste terrible and also have been documented in studies conducted in Europe to cause changes in people's bodies who consume food cooked in them. Read this article about microwaves and what they do. Meats should be cooked slowly and on low heat. The charring and burnt material that you see on some meats is not good for you. Additionally, the higher the temperature the more the fats are damaged. Avoid deep frying or cooking with vegetable oil as these oils are unstable and are damaged by the time you purchase them (this is despite what you hear plastered all over the media and in restaurants). Coconut oil is one of the best oils to cook with if you are going to fry something as it is stable up to a much higher temperature. Olive oil can be used for low temperature cooking. All of this and more affect how healthy the meat is for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should rotate your meats, don't always eat the same thing. So many people think they should only eat chicken breasts and fish. This is simply not true. First of all, most fish has mercury in it and you shouldn't be eating it very much at all. Particularly, larger fish, as they eat smaller fish and thus contain more mercury. As paranoid as people have been made about "red meat", it's quite ironic to see people who are eating the least amount of it having more problems with cholesterol and weight than anyone else. If you are wondering why that is I'll get more into that tomorrow as this is getting quite long already. Go out and eat some red meat, it's not gonna kill you! In fact, your lifestyle and over consumption of processed foods and sugar will get you way before high quality red meat will.