Friday June 5, 2009 - Eat only real food...

Most people think that's exactly what they are doing, but in reality they aren't. Another one of the big keys to not only losing weight, but also to being healthy is to eat primarily(80% of the time or more) whole and natural foods. What kinds of food are these? Things like fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, cheeses. No fruit juice doesn't count and neither does lunch meat or any of the other convenience foods (chips, soda, canned foods such as soups, breads). All of these items are processed to one extent or another. You know something isn't a real food when you look on the label and see 20 different ingredients in a loaf of bread (many of which are chemicals). The problem with these packaged convenience foods is that most of them contain substances that your body doesn't recognize and they are thus hard to digest. They may say they have 100 calories but they actually require 120 calories worth of energy to digest so you really are losing calories and nutrition. Foods without nutrients suck nutrients out of your body in order to process them, resulting in a loss from your body. People wonder how they can eat 800 calories a day and not lose weight, well for one just because you put it in your mouth doesn't mean your body absorbs all of it. Two, when you are on super low calorie diets that are filled with fake foods containing few nutrients, your body will lower your metabolism because it thinks you are starving, thus no weight loss.

One of the easiest way to keep to whole foods is to shop around the exterior of the store and avoid buying items in fancy packaging that will likely keep on the shelf for 6 months. Real whole food is alive and won't last for months on end in a pantry. The items that do are loaded with preservatives and other chemicals that are meant to kill and preserve the food.

A special note, kids especially should not be eating all of this processed and boxed convenience food. Their brains and bodies are still developing and feeding them lunchables, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets and other junk will do nothing for them or their health.

If it doesn't come off a plant or directly from an animal then avoid it, it's not good for you and won't help you lose weight. Even though the food industry has come up with some pretty slick "foods" and substances that taste good your body is still all natural and has no idea what these concocted chemicals are and it doesn't like them! Be careful, however, as some "natural" substances are still poisons.....arsenic, alcohol, etc.....and aren't good for you in any amounts.