February 17, 2009 - Startling Obesity Statistics!

I was just reading an article about the obesity problem in America and some of the statistics are absolutely alarming! Most particularly the ones regarding adolescents and their liklihood of being obese as adults if they are obese as adolescents. Here are the results....for boys who are obese as youngsters their liklihood of being obese as adults is 80% and for girls it's a more daunting 92%! This speaks to the fact that most people realize, and that is that habits developed during youth don't tend to change easily when a person becomes an adult. The key to young people maintaining a healthy weight has many contributing factors but I believe it largely has to do with the example, or lack there of, set by parents. If you are a parent you must lead a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise and a proper diet in order for your children to have the best chance of doing the same. Kids do what their parents do.....parents are to be the primary educators of their children in all areas. To the degree that parents fail to provide proper and adequate example and teaching, is the degree to which their children will fail to reach their potential in not only fitness and health but also in life as a whole. In this society, where everyone likes to play the blame game, we need only look at ourselves and see what we are doing before blaming others for our problems or the problems of our children. It doesn't matter how many programs, teachers, instructors, doctors, nutritonists, trainers are available, if parents don't take the lead and set the example the liklihood of failure of children to develop into healthy productive members of society is exponentially higher. With this whole new so called ethic of "responsibility" it's about time each of us take a look at ourselves and take responsibility for our lives and realize that our actions and example influence others far more than our words. The old adage still rings true "actions speak louder than words". Lets shut up and act!