February 10, 2009....I published my Women's Workout Book

I've finally gotten my long worked on women's fitness book, Trim Tighten and Tone, published. You'll never appreciate the amount of work that goes into a book until you do it! The relief of being virtually finished with this part of the project is amazing! Over 5 months worth of work, hours of photo shoots, editing photos, writing and formatting..........ahhhhh! I think everyone will really like it and find the programs easy to follow and use. If you'd like to check out this book or the others I've done (which are soon to be revised and updated) check out my publishing store front at http://stores.lulu.com/markrogersfitness ..... with that it's time to grab some food and head to the gym...I have to get out of this chair....can only take so much bad computer posture in one day.........Ciao!